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Lent 2021
Lent is a great time of year to take stock of your blessings. This past year we have learned to appreciate our homes and are reminded that there are those who do not have adequate housing. Last year Westerville Habitat asked you to donate based on the number of rooms, electrical outlets and sinks in your home. This year we are asking you to donate based on the square footage of your house.
The average home in the United States is 1525 – 2435 square feet and costs $100 – $200/ SQ FT to build. (Custom, luxury homes can be as much as $200 to $500 per square foot to build, with labor making up 40% of the cost.) The typical 3 bedroom Habitat home is 1250 square feet and costs about $80 per square feet to build. While we would LOVE your pledge of $80, $10, $5 or even $1 per square foot, we are looking for 5 cent, 2 cent or 1 cent per square foot. Any amount is gratefully accepted.  Donations can be made here:  Donate to Westerville Habitat



Our annual Progressive Christmas Concert is virtual this year

Traditionally our annual Progressive Christmas Concert is an event where ticket holders walk or drive to three churches located in Uptown Westerville.  Enjoying music performed by our church partners’ choirs at each stop.  This year, we needed to change our format while still bringing you those wonderful sounds of the holiday season, so we’re going virtual!

Please click the link below to enjoy the music from our partner churches and get in the holiday spirit.  This is typically one of our biggest fundraisers each year, and because we are unable to sell tickets for our supporters to attend in-person, please consider making a donation for each person viewing the concert.  One hundred precent of donations will go towards building affordable homes for qualified Habitat for Humanity applicants.  You can donate here:  Donate to Westerville Habitat and watch the concert here:  Progressive Christmas Concert 2020



Help Westerville Habitat Partnership Every Time You Use Your Kroger Plus Card!

Here’s how:

  • Visit http://KrogerCommunityRewards.com
  • Scroll down and select “Link your shopper’s card”
  • Sign Up or Log In to your Kroger account
  • Click “Enroll”
  • In the Find an Organization search field type “Westerville Habitat Partnership” or our organization number: SA799
  • Click “Enroll” in the Westerville Habitat Partnership box
  • Enrollment is complete!  Thank you for your support!



Tapestry of a Town’s Greatest Hits

This year’s tour includes many of our fan-favorite Uptown locations from our past 7 tours. Learn more here:  Tapestry’s Greatest Hits Tour